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Gold Medal WinnerHow can you save money on labor while sweeping and vacuuming? By purchasing the EasySweep 24, that's how! The jobs that took hours now take minutes. Just turn on the EasySweep 24 and push, the vacuum and main broom take care of the rest. With a 24” cleaning path and no cord to slow it down, the EasySweep floor sweeper will clean as fast as you can go! From hard floors to carpet, it knows what to do and will make all the necessary adjustments. You can now easily weave around obstacles and zip into workstations to go where no wide-area sweepers or vacuums would ever go before. We recommend sweeping with this machine before scrubbing your floors with an autoscrubber to pick up all loose debris and dirt.
Why not have your cake and eat it to, when you can afford to? This 32” industrial floor sweeper vac will not only save you time and money, but it will make your life a heck of a lot easier too! It will sweep up to 41,000 square feet per hour. This floor sweeper's 2.5 hour run time allows you to sweep a 100,000 square foot facility without stopping. It maximizes efficient and saves you money in the long run. Feel free to switch from hard floor to carpet and back again without ever stopping. The self-leveling head will automatically adjust to the surface, and the vacuum creates great suction to provide maximum results. Never before has sweeping been so easy!
This gas powered vacuum sweeper is perfect for outdoor use in parking lots, gas stations or car dealership lots. A great machine that runs off of gasoline, so you never have down time for recharging of the batteries. It is not recommended for indoor use, unless it is extremely well ventilated. Machine exhaust contains carbon dioxide, which can be toxic if inhaled! This industrial vacuum sweeper is great for maintaining large areas, due to its 36” recovery path, and its endless run time. You can fell confident when picking up debris as large as pop cans. Not only will it pick up the large items, but it does a great job on recovering small debris, like dirt and dust due to the vacuum recovery motors.
This 28 inch floor sweeper represents a new generation of vacuum sweepers. The body is made of a rotationally molded polyethylene, which is the most durable material on the market. The main brush adjusts up or down for proper recovery on either carpets or hard floors. It easily surpasses the productivity of any other machine on the market in a similar price range. The front brush pushes all the dirt and debris into the center of the machine for pick-up by the main cylindrical broom. The main broom then sweeps the debris into the hopper for removal later. Within weeks of unpacking, this warehouse sweeper vacuum will easily pay for itself in saved labor costs.

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